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Name Surname: Farzaneh Nazari Pour
Born: 1355 in Qazvin
Education: Master of Architectural Engineering
From April 1382 till September 1383 licensing expert Administration Building
From September 1383 till April 1384, President Administration Building permit
From May 1384 to December 1386, the manager supervising construction engineering supervisor and practice
From January 1386 till June 1388 detailed plans municipal manager
From July 1388 till October 1389 Deputy Head of Planning Vmmary Qazvin
Vice City in October 1389 making significant Vmmary city of Qazvin
Committee member since 1382 of the municipality
Mayor technical representative in the Commission Article 100 of the 84 to 86
Technical representative Vzv Commission Technical Committee since Article 5 of 86
Technical representative working group of 86 specialized housing construction since Vshhr
Group members and experts from 86 to 88 municipal agreements
Committee members plan the city 88 years since CDS
Detailed Plan Steering Committee members from 88 cities so far
Head of Organization Board of Directors of the 88 municipalities making beautiful yet
Conference Secretary City Vsymay Vbrgzary urban landscape urban core in the 88 member groups, specialized Engineering Organization
Committee members act in accordance with the urban landscape Sima 26/9/87 Supreme Council of the City Vmmary building since 1388
Representative in the municipal investment projects selected Vzv Committee Working Group on Investment Affai