History of Urban Planning and Architecture Department in Qazvin Municipalit

Qazvin City Planning and Architecture Department to determine policy for dealing with future city development strategy, plans increased flexibility with regard to urban conditions and realities of the day, and provide policy guidelines to control development in protected areas and establish the desired activity, proper distribution services for urban and rural residents, develop regulations and standards regarding security and good enforcement system of urban development regulations and comprehensive plan adopted by Town Detailed monitoring, use of land within city limits and boundaries, change and reform proposals of all the detailed plan, prepared and formulating regulations and rules and regulations related to urban issues, coordination to achieve the same function units among urban municipality areas, prepare for birth and urban areas of instruction, preparation of urban plans, database, monitoring the quality and quantity All buildings under construction in the city with an Organizational Chart Organization and management of four specific goals and plans established in 1384 that both the organization and management were changed Tuesday.

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