Detailed plans and executive management

با According to the meanings of words such as master plan, detailed plan, sphere of influence, performance management unit, which detailed plans of subsets Deputy Planning and Architecture Qazvin can be introduced.
Attitude and policy regarding the overall municipal land use and zoning requirements relating to urban and city public Karbryhay and general communication lines (in the form of comprehensive plan) and land use in urban areas, making location and status of each of them carefully the network traffic density, population density in urban units, development and urban problems (detailed design) in the unit formed after the approval stages and criteria for approvals in the form of practice guidelines represent the municipality occur.
In other words, always try to resolve this complex and offer all the changes and the Paradox of the status quo level of legal persons and real applications with the competent authorities approved plans (including detailed plan commission Working Group Housing and Urban Development and Planning Council, provinces and ultimately the Supreme Council urban planning and architecture that has the purpose of your loved ones more familiar to some of the most important activities done in this field, we win.