Management coordination and supervision of construction

The Deputy Director as a Azmdyrythay Vshhrsazy Vmmary since its activities began in 1384 and from its most important activities the following can be named.
1 - Control Register Map and kidney tall buildings in general.
2 - Performance monitoring of Engineers Engineering Supervisor Vbrkhvrd with Clause 7 of Article 100 of law based on the municipalities.
3 - How to build monitoring instruments Vsth town.
4 - Refinement of the structural analysis of statistics Vpayankarhay license issued in three parts.
5 - Engineering Organization in connection with discussions on the construction supervisory engineers to participate in committee meetings of the core control Vajary monitoring organization.
6 - Monitoring performance of building control regulations topic 19 buildings constructed in the city.
7 - to address violations of building structures built in the city commission Article 100.
8 - Technical Committee Member Vhmrahy with Urban.