Urban Planning and Architecture Department duties

1 - Beautification Organization

2 - Design Services:
According to the quality of environment and culture of citizenship, residents of social structure, architecture Vshhrsazy, climate environment, the city's economy and provide the appropriate building and creating public areas for the presence of citizens in these areas and increased social interactions, retain and develop memorable spaces and enjoyment of natural riches environment, improve the urban landscape for a beautiful building, identity and mental part of life in the urban environment during construction.
Job description:
1 - policy and planning and controlling urban plans and projects include:
Macro projects to urban, urban spaces, Sima and organizing the urban landscape indices and axes 000
2 - general instruction designed to enhance the urban environment.
3 - contact the colleges of Architecture and Urban Planning and Engineering Organization and other scientific centers.
4 - holding seminars, training workshops and exhibitions with the theme of urban space.
5 - Data collection in the field of architectural materials and new technology.


Supervising management regulations developed Urban:
Urban management regulations developed supervising management of Urban Quad Deputy Vmmary is that rules and regulations with the aim Vtdvyn Urban, followed Vtsvyb regulations, eliminate defects in the existing regulations, improved urban planning methods and information. Supervising the performance of urban education and urban areas .. . Is active ..
The two office areas are:
1 - Planning Department developed regulations
2 - City Administration Building area
Planning Department developed regulations:
The Department for updated technical information experts to make well informed Vajra’ Urban Vdstvralmlhay laws and regulations adopted by state and local as well as current announcement, delete, modify Vlghv Urban Vmmary new regulations, administrative law has been established in urban areas.
1 - Evaluation Criteria Vtdvyn Vshhrsazy architecture:
Preparation of laws regulations directives implementation Vayyn letter that recently "approved" the Valam practice areas Vshnakht Vbrrsy Urban areas, Urban make regulations respecting, the executive and methods separately any urban area with direct hits or removal experts architecture Vshhrsazy Administration reports Urban areas are carried on, the rules need reminding Vtdqyq urban planning in practice areas of cholera has been identified as Vmtalh Executive shall be communicated to Applied.
2 - follow specific criteria adopted in the legal community Vablagh central areas for implementation:
If you need specific criteria Vmmary urban planning than the current study to inform the City Council reached by the Commission and from Article Five or other relevant authorities to follow up the approval will be required.
3 - Evaluation of defects in terms Vmsvbat Vrf available:
Considering the existence of any interference in honor Vmghayrt Vdstvralmlha Vzvabt Vmvrad identified and corrective editing unit of legal Vmmary urban design of the technical committee meetings, the Commission Article Five, if necessary, follow up and in the Supreme Council adopted Vakhz urban, areas notification is central.
4 - preparing circulars notified:
Appropriate cases before the communication or by specific criteria Vtghyyr Governor, Interior Ministry. Directive required by the Department of Urban Vajra central regions is produced in cooperation with experts of the Urban Pzyrast rights that ultimately do "directive designed to communicate is central regions.
5 - responding to ambiguous Vdadgahha areas:
Any ambiguity in the implementation of urban planning regulations Vdm transparency or correspond with the presence of management regulations and in the framework of this formulation as can be followed as is.
6 - interacting with colleagues Administration area cities:
Vvhdt coordination procedures for considering reports in Urban Vbrrsy of Administration regarding the strengths Vajra’ proper rules and regulations or lack of meetings among far raised Vntyjh Revised Vajra’ performance criteria will be announced.

7 - Technical Standards committee municipality:
Attended the meeting with technical experts or scholars Urban Vayjad to determine appropriate solutions and decide on cases that set technical committee responsible for urban planning regulations are regulations or special circumstances that it was not clear that the general case, or to facilitate Urban mental in making current affairs according to municipal laws and regulations will be.
Technical Committee members:
Technical Committee members include: Vice Urban Vmmary or its successor, the four managers responsible Vmmary Urban Planning Department developed regulations, urban planning authorities in four areas of technical or circular particular Vdrmvard the experts to obtain their comments are invited to come, the secretary of meetings .
Presidential Session:
Vice President in charge of urban planning meeting is Vmmary.
Substitute chairman of the meeting:
Chairman of the meeting can be one of the members meeting with full powers as the elected successor to Vmrfy.
Duties of members:
Duties of members of the study session Vksb sufficient information about the issues raised Vbrrsy Vastntaj Vrayt reasonable neutrality in matters Varayh comments are required.
Theories notified:
All Technical Committee comments or deputy mayor of the municipality with a signed notice is that Urban would be applicable.
Members introduced Vdbyrjls·h:
Meeting with all members Vdbyr communicated directly from the mayor shall be introduced.
Duties of the secretary of the meeting:
Verbal or written invitation from the members of each of the monitoring, preparing the meeting location, prepare the required forms, the technical committee set theory, getting the mayor signed Vsdvr theory, archives legislation set theory Vsvrt Vthyh meetings will be.
How to address the file:
Technical Committee meetings at least once a week at certain Vrvz Nshkyl are.
Meeting a quorum:
Six members attended the meeting Vryast session (or his successor) will be official.
File plan meeting the condition:
File with the presence of responsible urban planning (in charge of technical circles) regional project will be relevant.
Meeting of members required for ongoing participation:
Two consecutive sessions absence inconsistent in four consecutive session under the Note shall be inserted in the file.
Consumer Project cases:
Significant cases in the project technical committee Vmdark required letter dated 12/4/84 prepared 1534/20/2/5 No. And are notified areas.
Case referred to the secretariat:
Cases or cases should be asked during the special form at least one day before Jas·h be submitted to the Secretariat.

Time to send comments:
Post-term decisions within the same week will be.
Vprvndhay cases sent them in order of date submitted by the Secretary listed cholera Trttyb priorities will be in session.
Place of the meeting:
Rules and regulations in the field of urban management will be developed.
Aljls·h right:
Vlavh calculated as the additional overtime work will normally pay each month.
Article 20 These regulations set by the Mayor of cholera notified, is indispensable.
Establish a technical committee meetings:
Technical Committee with the presence of technical experts or scholars Vshhrsazy Vayjad to determine appropriate strategies and decision making regarding the cases of complex technical committee responsible for urban planning regulations are the regulations or in certain cases it is not clear that the general case or for Facilitating mental Vshhrsazy current building regulations according to the laws of the municipality which will be formed to invite Dbyrjls·h.
8 - The three-member committee:
Three-member committee to expedite matters in terms of the technical committee in each municipality is linked to municipal districts have met And Issues of particular cases deals with urban area.
The committee members are:
1 - Head of Administration Urban areas
2 - Head of Planning Department developed regulations
3 - responsible for urban area
The department has meetings every member having one vote is. The members communicated with the Planning Department Vmmary are introduced.
Duties of members:
1 - Members of the committee comment on the issues Vazhar Vasttnaj Vrayt reasonable neutrality in matters and provide needed oversight.
2 - if subject to the same session Nyanjamyd decisive result, the issue is raised in the technical committee municipality.
Vnhvh place to address cases:
The meetings at least once a week on certain days in the municipal district is formed.
Consumer Project cases:
Significant cases in the Plan Committee to be the case that the committee is to plan.
Obviously just a case of urban area is considered the Technical Committee that three-member committee before a decision is.
9 - Create Unit Documentation Center (Archive) with the following objectives:
Maintenance documents collected valuable Vmdark Deputy Urban Vmmary Vtmrkz documents for information exchange management subscale Deputy Urban Vmmary

Coordination of public relations:
Communication with university academic centers Varayh information to citizens, students, professionals and in the same time obtaining letters Vpayan studies students engage in these municipalities contact the organization Vdryaft date information via the website in order to response to clients colleagues in the unit Translated by province and from students and other cooperation agencies with the necessary cooperation to the unit was referred.
Documentation Center of duties:
1 - with free universities attract Vsrasry regarding cooperation with the students on their contents Privacy Vakhz Vayjad interaction Dvsvyhya Students
2 - associated with the four management Vjm their monthly data Vamar
3 - Create database of resumes sent by City consultants Vprvzhh maintenance and use in order to maintain optimum Archive
4 - tasks related to Public Relations Department Urban Vmmary
5 - Provide resources necessary books Vmvrd required documentation Artqa’atlaat Center for Urban Stories Archive
6 - Providing information to citizens Vktb Vkarmndan
7 - Preparation needed Vashtrak Vnshryat Urban Magazines
10 - Urban Administration:
Monitoring Urban Brmlkrd Vmnatq practice areas Urban Affairs Center, related regulations and standards for good implementation of current guidelines Vayjad Hassan coordination unit Urban collaboration Vbrrsy Vmzlaat problems during implementation criteria.
1 - case study of urban areas associated with the Center for Urban Affairs and practice areas.
Experts refer to urban areas Vmmary selection records performed or in progress to study urban planning principles Vzvabt Vmmary Vrvnd acted correctly reported administrative expertise (or lack of observance of rules and regulations, the possible inconsistency between Vmnatq Center, Urban engagement with relevant departments Because renewal income, filing, business eyes!, property, mapping forms as predicted) should be prepared Vntyjh renal function areas consistent with the given rules and regulations and methods for coordinating Vastandard Aja’ areas is recommended.
2 - Regulations developed in cooperation with the Office of Urban Vtaml
According to expert reports prepared in accordance with paragraph one Dmrayt rules and regulations in areas with good Ajra’kar units will be developing rules of practice and disease areas of performance criteria and methods to create uniformity in the regions with the regulations codified Vmtabqt instructions to consider the same for all regions direction will be taken to solve problems is to do the necessary action.
3 - Coordination meetings with the Urban areas
In order to create uniformity in the performance of urban areas Vhmgahngy specific sessions weekly or monthly basis with the presence of officials at the center of urban areas developed Vadarh Vmvard regulations established for one and two and Urban Development officials to discuss views Vgftgv been known for problems, strategies for implementing legally Shyyh is approved.

4 - follow-up implementation rules and regulations and circulars
Criteria for exercise, mental performance building experts Urban Administration regulations and practice how to apply the rules consistently done in the following areas and from certain defects Vnyaz·hay report indicates that each region.
5 - to attend meetings of the Commission Sub-Committees Technical Article hundred municipal records to determine and control posts
The Commission was about Tdfyq Vbrrsy BA.

Detailed management plans:
Objective: To monitor the process of case preparation and implementation of comprehensive plans, and conducting detailed urban and rural areas in order to create the appropriate field on the use of capacity needs in urban and rural residents, and identify and resolve the contradiction has three titles under a Department: Administration Detailed plans. B: Geographic Information Systems Department. A: The Department is organizing the suburbs, which outlines a brief explanation of each.
A: Detailed management plans
Goal: the realization of urban plans and identify problems and problems of the current situation and its compatibility with the city urban projects.
Job description:
1 - Detailed monitoring plans prepared and studied local Vmvzvy upstream projects.
2 - Update detailed plan and make decisions and changes made to reflect decisions by the Commission on the detailed plan and detailed plan map album.
3 - Evaluation and completion of documents required for the commission detailed plan design issues.
4 - Investigation and resolution approved plans for making sealed to seal the municipality Article 101.
5 - The Secretariat of the Commission and set the corresponding detailed plan for the plan commission Mvvzat Article Five.
6 - Participation in technical committee meetings and the Commission on Housing Vshhrsazy Article Five and the Governor of Qazvin.
7 - correspond to the areas set to deliver municipal approvals.
8 - Maintenance Records Commission records and detailed plan approvals for non-filing Mhdvddr.
9 - Provide detailed booklet Commission detailed plan approvals in the years past.
B: Geographic Information Office Sysmthay:
Mapping of breeding goal and keep updated maps and city maps conversion from CAD environment to GIS.
Description and Zabf:

1 - Supervision of preparation of projects Municipality environment mapping GIS.
2 - Provide city map database.
3 - Urban Mapping breeding range.
4 - to update maps and detailed plan changes done.
5 - Provides statistics and information and network Karbryha passages.
6 - continuous communication with the executive Adart provinces exchange information about urban base maps.
A: Department reorganization suburbs
Objective: To prevent the uncontrolled growth of suburbs and control of construction regulations in the Wood four

Job description:
1 - Responsibility of projects to the suburbs and rural conductor monitoring plans prepared
2 - continuous communication with relevant agencies, including the suburbs of Agriculture, Housing Foundation and the Governor.
3 - provide a suitable solution regarding the problems the suburbs.
4 - Study the effects of cross-city suburbs and vice versa
5 - and completion of documents required for project-related issues in commissions.
6 - planning application and correspondence with the Secretariat of Urban Planning and Architecture Working Group.
7 - D Rjlsat Group Co. awarded Working Group for Urban and Architectural design issues raised.
8 - Legislation Working Group delivered to the relevant areas and circles.
9 - keeping records and files of unlimited duration Legislation Working Group in the filing.

Management coordination and supervision of construction:
Objective: To coordinate the implementation rules and regulations adopted by the same level city planning and policy measures and specific activity areas and urban planning departments in the region, especially the map control and monitor the performance of supervisory engineers and construction violations and failed with three office Bed Control Office maps and topics of criteria, the fraud investigation office building, office construction supervising engineers and observers are Mklrd.

Job description:
Administration Supervisor Performance Engineers
Introducing performance Vshrh Administration Supervisor Construction Engineering practice
Administration and practice construction engineers to oversee construction supervisor Vsaz·hay Qazvin on performance as well as control engineers supervising deputy supervisor in the city engaged in building activity is Vmmary.

Summary description of the department activities as follows:
1 - Registered Engineers Vbrrsy sent reports to the supervisor of projects Municipality Vbazdyd report
2 - Access and control of specialized structural quality construction Vmmary Vsaz·hay Vshnasayy city building technical regulations contrary Vsaz·hay Vshhr Vanjam making the necessary preventive measures in this regard.
3 - Professional Engineers violations identified Vpygyry Vmjryan competent observer.
4 - Cooperation with the Committee supervising control Vajra Construction Engineering Organization meetings in the form of core Vshrkt visit.
5 - Cooperation Vhzvr representative municipal council meetings Construction Engineering Disciplinary Organization of Qazvin province.
6 - Cooperation Vhzvr municipal representative in the provincial committee meetings Vbazdydhay supervising the construction safety.
7 - Collect statistics analysis Vpayankarhay license issued by the regions.
Vmyarha Map Control Office

Vakhtyarat job description:
1 - control Varayh Vtayyd maps of design offices.
2 - Control Vtayyd maps provided by the municipality areas.
3 - Approved Vmyarha control maps.
4 - Control Design Engineers jurisdiction.
5 - control Vpzyrsh maps provided.
6 - Vmshklat reflection problems caused by regulations.
7 - Control building facade in the form of maps of urban identity Sima control plans related to e discussed fire safety services.
8 - in terms of facilities and from the control maps (post 19)